The Korean Glass Skin Routine has taken the world by storm; who doesn’t want dewy, clear and glowy skin? The end results are stunning but the process to get there is tedious – yes, we are referring to the 10 Step Korean Skin Care Routine. Singapore’s hot and humid weather certainly made dewy skin a challenge too; if not done well, greasy skin might be what you will be achieving instead.
These days, Mochi Skin has been in the rage and yes, it’s Japan’s take on beautiful skin. Just like mochi (the sweet delicacy that all of us LOVE), mochi skin is about soft, plump and translucent skin. It’s about looking radiant, healthy and achievable without going through gazillion skincare steps (YAY).



Mocchi Skin is an innovative skincare brand from Japan aims to provide skincare solutions to achieving mochi skin (yes hence the name). This oil-free cleansing gel has a unique gel texture that works effectively to remove impurities and makeup (yes even your best waterproof mascara or eyeliner) but yet gentle at the same time. It’s safe for lash extensions too!
If you prefer cleansing water, CReeR Micellar Cleansing Water is a 4-in-1 cleansing water (makeup remover, cleanser, toner & lotion) is formulated with Japan’s Spring Water of Beautiful Skin and utilizes micellar particles and ion effects to leave skin clean, smooth and supple.
After removing your makeup, double cleanse it to ensure there are no residue left behind from your 1st cleanse. The best facial wash that we have discovered so far is Mocchi Skin Face Wash.
The foam is soooooo stretchy and so mochi-like that it really pulls dirt out from your pores effectively. It’s also infused with beauty essences to ensure your skin stay supple after each wash.
Bonus: We noticed a decrease in blackheads just by using this facial wash!


A must-have in Japanese skincare routine in lotion, or “kesho-sui” to the Japanese. Lotion lock in moisture to ensure your skin stay moisturised and supple – highly essential for mochi-skin!
This beauty lotion is handmade every single bottle by the founder, Ai-Chan, herself! Talk about effort. What we love is that this lotion is only made with 4 simple yet effective ingredients. Lightweight yet moisturizing, this product is free from harmful additives - safe for all skin types!


Seal in all the goodness with a moisturizer that delivers sufficient moisture to even your inner layer skin without all the stickiness (a big no no in our humid weather).

(ORBIS U Moisture, available at selected Sasa stores)

We find ourselves reaching out to this moisturiser thanks to its unique souffle jelly texture. It’s highly moisturising yet lightweight, making this the perfect last step to seal in all the essential nutrients our skin needs.


If you wish to pamper yourself (yes, you should), masking 2-3 times a week will give your skin that extra boost towards achieving mochi-skin.

(Hadabisei Advanced 3D Penetrating Mask)

A hot-favourite here on our site, we can see why. The unique 3D design of the mask ensures a seamless fit on Asian Women (including the nose and chin area!). It helps to first soften the layer of dead skin cells with Lemon extract before drenching your skin with a generous amount of 30ml serum!


Achieving beautiful skin is so much more than a skincare routine; ensure you are feeding your body nutritious food and getting in that beauty sleep can take you pretty far when it comes to keeping your skin beautiful. Don’t forget to exercise too!