Clothes? Check. Makeup? Check. Skincare? Check. Luggage all packed and done? Not really! If you think these are all you needed for your travels, you are wrong! We have recently brought in a couple of new products that we knew will come in really handy for the end-of-year travels! Trust us, you will be re-doing your vacation packing list after this!


Poo Pourri is finally here in Singapore! A US product sensation, Poo~Pourri is not an air freshener (mind you), it's something better! Poo~Pourri offers an on trend blend of natural essential oils along with an epic brand promise that beats air fresheners and other fragrances. Poo~Pourri works by creating an odour trapping barrier on the surface of the water, stopping odour before it ever begins and leaving the toilet smelling better than you found it! Available in a collection of 5 unique fragrances, Poo-Pourri is simple to use and available in two sizes - 59ml & 10ml handy portable handbag (and travel friendly) sizes. We'd recommend bringing the 10ml bottles along in your bag to combat any undesirable smell you may face in public toilets. It will be a life saver! Just remember to spritz it before you continue your business :D


Often we find ourselves not liking the toothpaste provided by the hotel because those simply doesn't foam and clean well. Well, problem solved because we have the portable toothpaste AND mouth wash for you! Yes, this innovative mouth gel from Japan is 100% natural, made with only 3 ingredients! It lifts plaque & whitens teeth effectively with the help of specially stabilised ion water - one of the key ingredient in the mouth gel. To use it as a mouth wash, simply dispense 2-4 pumps into a cup of water and rinse! We love that it's also completely safe for kids, pregnant ladies and elderly too!


(MONSTOK Hangover Powder)

Girls just wanna have fun~ We can't avoid that little alcohol and parties even while overseas and nobody wants to wake up the next day feeling that hangover effect. Well listen up, your portable and tasty hangover cure is here! Forget all the hangover drink and remedies you can have the following morning; the Monstok Hangover Powder from Korea simply prevents it from happening! How? Just consume 1-2 satchets of these lemon-flavoured hangover powder 30 minutes before or after drinking! These satchels will fit right into your handbag so no excuses here. Wake up the next day feeling refreshed and not deadbeat. Ain't nobody wasting any time while on a vacation, right?


(DR.FORHAIR Folligen Easy Swab & Styling Serum)

Remove any greasiness & dandruff while reducing any itch and bad odour by simply using the swab (that resembles a giant cotton bud) on your scalp and get rid of any frizziness with the styling serum. A handy pack that you can bring along on your plane rides and while you are out and about! What's the science behind it? Apple Cider Vinegar - one of the best natural cleansing agent.


(SLINKY TOUCH Hair Remover)

Whether you are going on a Beach vacation or not, nobody wants those pesky and unwanted hair peeking out a few days into your vacation; razors may damage the skin and IPL hair remover might not be everyone's option - then how about a hair remover cream that requires no extra tools? This painless hair remover is not only easy but time saving! Simply leave on the cream for 5 to 10 minutes and wash it off. Hello smooth baby skin.


It's the 4th day of your vacation and your sponge & makeup brushes are getting dirty; with a couple more days to go, should you leave your tools dirty to risk potential breakouts or give them a quick & easy fix? Latter of course! Like a dry shampoo for your strands, this quick drying spray spot cleans your beautyblender® -- or makeup brushes instantly-sans rinsing. It also allows you to switch from one product to the next for a true to color application every time--from foundation to blush and everything in between. The travel-friendly size allows you to keep your tools clean, no matter where you are or where you’re going. If you have time for a full cleanse but not sure how, read all about the art of sponge cleansing here.

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