No matter what your hair colour may be, always remember that healthy hair always looks better! After all, who wouldn't want commercial - worthy luscious locks every day? 

We've all attributed hair loss to genetics, hormones, stress and diet. But in this humid and sunny climate that is Singapore, it holds no favour for your hair

Humidity is the presence of moisture in the air and our precious locks reacts to humidity through molecular in the humid air. As such, our hair strands will absorb the moisture as well, leading to knotting and twisting in the hair strands and ultimately hair fall and frizziness amongst the plethora of other forms of damage 

Hair vs. Humidity: Battling Frizz in New Orleans 

Men and women also have different scalp and hair needs - with the male scalp barrier being weaker making it more susceptible to protein loss which leads to hair loss

And that's where the newly launched Dr Zero products come in! 

DR ZERO analyzes the gender differences from a scientific point of view and tackles the root causes of hair problems

Dr Zero is no stranger to the Hong Kong market where their monthly sales in Don Don Donki is 3500-4000 units! Even in July of 2021, Donki in Tuen Mun was opened, Dr Zero products were sold out! 

So what's in Dr Zero products that makes it such a hot item? The award winning ingredient - Redensyl

Redensyl is scientifically proven to restimulate stem cells activity and proliferation. This helps to extend the hair growth phase and shorten the resting and hair loss phase. This key ingredient is also crucial to reduce inflammation of the scalp - promoting a healthy hair growth environment 

In a study done the continuous use of 3% Redensyl captured data of how hair grows healthily 


The Dr Zero products also swept the haircare series of Monde Selection in 2019 

 Dr Zero Redenical - Women series


Formulated with Redensyl, 3 types of scalp moisturizing ingredients and 2 types of anti- inflammatory ingredients

The women's line acts as both a scalp and hair double care, the patented redensyl formula is encapsulated in nano- capsules, for deeper penetration and controlled release. The formula gives firmness and elasticity while retaining the integrity and suppleness of your hair! 

 Dr Zero Redenical - Men series

Created for men with their scalp's characteristics in mind. The products are formulated with a high concentration of redensyl, 8 types of sebum care natural ingredients and piroctone oil

These products are gentle yet hold a strong cleansing power, with amino acids based cleansing ingredients which provide rich moisture to hair and scalp.  


 Dr Zero also had a launch event recently! 

Don't just hear from us! Let's listen to what some event guest have to say


You can get all the products at Watsons SG, Welcia - BHG and

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