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    Pura D'or Colourharmony Purple Shampoo


      Our shampoo provides superior hydration to help revitalize dried out, over-dyed, brittle hair without stripping away the color treatment. Best for lighter colored hair, specifically bleached blonde and silver!...

    Ma&Me Latte Shampoo


    Kracie Ma & Me Latte Shampoo is specially designed for dry and brittle hair of nursing mothers and their babies. It foams up quickly like milk that gently and thoroughly...

    Pura D'or Gold Anti Hair Thinning Shampoo


      PURA D'OR Original Gold Label Shampoo is a clinically tested formula proven to reduce hair thinning due to breakage, increase volume, strength and shine Get to the Root of...

    Himawari Smooth and Repair Shampoo 500ml


    The new Himawari Smooth & Repair series focuses on targetting tangled, stiff, and uncooperative hair. Leaving hair looking healthy, shiny carrying a vibrant and beautiful fresh floral scent. FEATURES Sunflower...

    Ichikami Moisturising Shampoo 480ml


      Damage repair + prevention Moisturises and thickens both hair and scalp. Prevents drying, which casues serious damage such as split ends. Includes Peony Root Bark, Black Rice Essence, Premium...

    Himawari Gloss and Repair Shampoo 500ml


    Himawari Gloss & Repair series focuses on achieving lustrous, silky hair while rectifying “hair imbalance” which causes waves, kinks and dryness in hair, cultivating tame, manageable hair. Features  Formulated with...

    [Bundle Set] Ichikami Gekka Bijin Shampoo + Conditioner


    New Limited Edition Launch Gekka Bijin Shampoo and Conditioner set is here This silky smooth formula made with Queen of the Night flower (that only blooms once a year) is...

    JSOOP Color J Aurora Color Shampoo (Purple/Pink/Blue)


    JSOOP Color J Aurora Shampoo (Purple/Pink) Complementary colour care and hair care at the same time.    Features: - Down yellowish colour (Purple) - Down greenish colour (Pink) - Colour...

    JSOOP Red J Hair Loss Alleviate Series

    $26.90 – $44.90

    RED J ALLEVIATE HAIR LOSS NO.1 SCALP CARE FOR SENSITIVE SCALP   Features: -Prevent Hair Loss, Restore Hair Growth and Improve Scalp Health -Functional Cosmetics for Hair Loss Approved by...

    Fujiko Hair Care Powder (Pon Pon Powder)


    Fujiko Pon Pon Powder can prevent the undesirable smell from the scalp and greasy hair, and give volume to hair. This is perfect for a touch-up in the afternoon of...

    Ichikami Premium Series


    High Quality haircare infused with rice bran fermented beauty essence to make your hair beautiful!Sulfate-freePremium damaged care series focusing on the result of Japanese women hair research, the power of...

    Shiseido THC Fuente Forte Delicate Scalp Shampoo


    For Scalp Care Gently cleanses hair and scalp prone to itching and other signs of sensitivity without much burden on the scalp. THC FF NATURAL PLANT MOISTURIZER Scutellaria Extract THC...

    Shiseido THC Aqua Intensive Shampoo


    Selectively removes impurities without stripping away the moisture. Prevents damage and dryness. Shampoo(Light) : Leaves hair light and airy AQUA MIMIC AGENT (MOISTURIZING AGENT) A complex of Royal Jelly Extract...

    Shiseido THC Fuente Forte Shampoo


    For Scalp Care Eliminates sebum and impurities that cause scalp problems, keeping the hair and the scalp clean without stripping away the precious moisture. With its superior cleansing and cooling...

    Ichikami Smoothing Shampoo 480ml


    The “Smoothing” line makes hair smooth enough to run your fingers through, even if it is prone to tangling and stiffness. Includes Peony Root Bark, Black Rice Essence, Premium Rice...

    Umino Shampoo 520ml


    FEATURES A one-step hair care series that moisturizes hair from within, delivering a lustrous shine. A hair care series that moisturizes from within to promote healthy, silky soft hair. Formulated...

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