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Hair loss (Alopecia) issues happen to men, and even women alike, for a variety of reasons. Think genetics, hormones changes, stress, diet and more.  On top of that, hair thinning and premature hair fall is definitely another area to worry about. If you’re worried about losing those precious strands and wish to rebuild your beautiful crowns, treat your hair and scalp well with the right products!



Find the right shampoo to cleanse your scalp and hair well to remove any remaining sebum, products impurities so that your hair follicles stay unblocked to promote hair growth.

Dr.FORHAIR, a brand behind Korea’s leading Hair Transplant medical group with 26 years of history, believe us when we say these guys know exactly what they are doing. Folligen – the key ingredient in this shampoo, contains copper peptide that shows beneficial effect for hair growth. With over 4.5million bottles sold and claims to have results shown in just 4 weeks, this shampoo effectively prevents hair loss while increasing hair thickness. Travelling? No worries, because we have a travel-sized version too!


Let’s first bust the myth that conditioner blocks hair follicles so it would best not to condition your hair – the answer is no. Instead, regular conditioning can replenish moisture and nutrients to your hair cuticles. Giving your hair the much-needed moisture allows easier combing of hair too – which will reduce hair fall. The tip is to apply conditioner only at the ends of your hair and never all the way to the roots and find the conditioner best suited for your hair concerns!

Guilty of going through several hair chemical treatments like hair dyes and perming or constant use of hair styling tools like curler and straightener? Try out Dr.FORHAIR Absolute Silk Treatment from Korea which contains 18 Amino Acid ingredients to provide damaged hair cuticles plentiful of protein and nutrition for silky and shiny hair. Dull and damaged hair? Himawari Gloss & Repair Conditioner from Japan contains Premium Sunflower Oil to achieve lustrous and silky hair. Lacking the volume in your crown? Fast track to big hair with Phil Smith Big it Up! Volume Boosting Conditioner from London to experience irresistible volume and fullness with a fabulous healthy sheen.


If you think shampoo and conditioning is sufficient, you are with the majority. If you are a user of hair products like hair gel, hairspray, dry shampoo and more, chances are there are impurities left in your scalp that are unremovable by just shampoo alone. Deep cleanse once a week to refresh your scalp!


The biggest scalp problem is scalp tartar, which are hardened leftover impurities like sebum and hair styling products. Formulated with Israel’s Dead Sea Salt and Centella Asiatica, this deep cleanse the scalp and removes the scalp tartar, leaving the scalp fresh and healthy for a optimal environment for hair growth.


Combing not only helps to smooth out and detangle your hair, it also removes sebum, dirt and debris and stimulation of blood vessels in the scalp!

(Ikoo Classic Pocket Black Brush)

Created with the idea behind TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), this enables you to give yourself a massage of special acupuncture points and reflex zones of your scalp. More than just detangling your hair with ease, using this brush will improve the blood circulation and thus, supplying your hair with nutrients will be improved.


A diet plays a big part in your overall hair and body health. Incorporating protein, iron, vitamin A and zinc will allow your body to produce healthy hair locks. Read more here.


If you are currently already facing hair loss problem and are slowly losing the confidence, don’t be! Hair transplant may not be your only option.

HairSecret 360 is made of 100% natural, hair-like cotton fibers charged with a precise level of electrostatic energy. When applied, the fibers blend in with your existing hair, instantly creating a natural full hair look. Not a problem withstanding wind, rain, sports and sweat!

Hair is your best accessory – invest on them!

Coverphoto by unsplash.sg

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