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Bundle deal – Bio Piel lotion 500ml + Eco Spa Shower Filter

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Bundle Deal: Bio-Piel Lotion 500ml (Exp: NOV 2020) & Eco Spa Shower Filter (Exp: 2022)

Bio-Piel Lotion 500ml

Get rid of your stubborn back acne (also known as bacnes) or body acnes effectively with JSOOP Bio-Piel Petit Ato Body Lotion!  Awarded as Best Body Moisturiser (Drugstore) by Her World Singapore! Also featured in Daily Vanity & Her World Brides.


  • Highly moisturizing and nutritive
  • Provides rich hydration and nutrition with natural moisturizing ingredients such as plant-based squalene, shea butter, ceramide, hyaluronic acid and hydrogenated lecithin
  • Helps to calm the skin
  • Contains ECOCERT certified cypress essential water and oil
  • Help soothe the skin and maintain healthy skin texture
  • Lightweight texture – suitable for Singapore’s humid weather.


  • Dry skin thoroughly after shower, then dispense an appropriate amount of product and gently apply it evenly over the whole body or on areas that feel dry.
  • Apply product in the bathroom right after drying the skin for longer lasting moisturizing effects.
  • Pair with JSOOP Bio-Piel Petit Ato Body Wash for best results.

Volume: 400ML

Eco Spa Shower Filter 

Achieve healthier hair and softer skin by filtering out all the nasty chemicals that are hiding in your shower water!

Aromaro Eco Spa Vitamin C shower filter keeps the skin healthy by filtering invisible substances such as residual chlorine and rust stain in the tap water. Using the sediment filter certified by NSF rather than a thin paper filter, it removes rust stain and foreign substances in the tap water.

What are some of the harmful effects of chlorine in our everyday lives?

  • It presents an increased risk of cancer;
  • It can be harmful for children’s health;
  • It can cause cell damage;
  • It increases the risk of asthma;
  • It can result in or accentuate heart problems;
  • It can cause bad taste or odours

Say no to chlorine and enjoy a health & mood booster with Aromaro Eco Spa Shower Filter!


  • Only uses safe ingredients, pets & babies can also enjoy the benefits of the water from the shower filter
  • Developed with only naturally sourced ingredients: Vitamin C, Rose Hip Seed, Silk Protein & Aroma Oil
  • Gives nutrition to scalp, skin and hair
  • Compact and light design
  • For use up to 45 days with daily use for an average family of four
  • Lasts longer than other shower filters
  • Product of Korea
  • Available in 6 scents – something for everyone!


  • Separate hose from the showerhead and connect Aromaro Eco Spa on the bottom of the showerhead



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