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Hangover Powder

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Your hangover cure is here! Cure hangovers easily and conveniently with Monstok Hangover Powder; it contains Indian Turmeric Powder, Milk Tistle Extract and Chicory Root Extract.


  • Turmeric – Excellent for alcohol decomposition, so it helps the recovery of liver function such as choleretic promotion, Protection of liver damage
  • Chicory – Rich in protein, carbohydrate and vitamin which helps strengthen liver function and vascular function
  • Milk thistle – Silymarin of milk thistle increases the metabolism of interstitial cells and helps the liver’s detoxification function
  • Delicious Lemon flavour
  • Made in Korea


  • Consume 30 minutes before drinking. Take up to a maximum of 3 sachets a day. Consume directly or dissolve in water.
    Caution: Store product in a cool place. Recommend to seal after opening. This product may contain poultry, dairy products, buckwheat, peanut, soybean, wheat, squid, crab, crab, prawn, pork, peach, tomato, walnut, chicken, beef & shellfish (including oysters, abalone, mussels). Please ensure you are not allergic to any ingredients before consumption.

Volume: 1.5g x 5 sachets



Xiaohongshu Reviews:


Crystaline Glucose(Corn imported), Chicory Extract(Dutch), Turmeric Extract Powder (Maltodextrin, Turmeric Extract,Indian), Strawberry Concentrate Powder(Strawberry Concentrate Dextrin Cherry Red),Lemon juice powder(Lemon juice,dextrin)Xylitol,citric acid,L-Arginine,silica,steviol,glycoside,milk thistle extract,vitamin A mixture, malt paste,(Vitamin c,Vitamin D3),(Sugar,Acacia,Corn Starch,Palm Oil,silica,Vitamin D3,Vitamin E,Vitamin B,Hydrochloric ,Vitamin B,Vitamin B Chemical,Vitamin B2,Folid acid,biotin


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