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Mezical Fiber 2

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Promising to create high impact sharp double eyelids, AB Mezical Fiber 2 ensures that even stubborn heavy double eyelid looks naturally creased under its extra-fine fiber! Thin as a thread, it creates long-lasting double eyelids with its strong adhesive force while remaining inconspicuous with or without makeup!



  • Best Seller of the Automatic Beauty range of double eyelid accessories
  • Gives droopy eyelids an instant eye lift
  • Strong adhesive



  • Peel off the eye tape strips with shaping stick, do not use your fingers
  • Choose a crease height that is still comfortable for your eyes to open
  • Stick the eye tape strip onto your eyelids and open your eyes into a natural double eyelid!


  • Use the tip of the shaping stick to flip up the end of the eye tape
  • Press one finger on your eyelid near the eye tape
  • Gently and slowly peel the eye tape off your eyelid


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