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Secret Soft Film

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Eyelids are thin and it’s hard to make double eyelids?
Want to make natural double eyelids?

Automatic Beauty Secret Soft Film

  • Double eyelid cosmetics rubber latex type.
  • Soft natural looking double eyelids.
  • Non adhesive with natural double eyelids.
  • How to use:
  • Cleanse eyelids to remove all oil, dirt, and makeup.
  • Film must be applied directly to clean skin.
  • Sweat, moisture, oil, and makeup residue on eyelids will prevent film from adhering properly.
  • Any eye makeup should be applied last, over the film.
  • Create the desired crease on your upper eyelid using the tip of the shaping stick and gently apply pressure along that line.
  • Tilt head back, and look down at mirror.
  • Maintain a crease-free eyelid.
  • Apply AB Secret Soft Film to areas under the desired crease line, and keep eyes closed until completely dry.
  • This creates a layer of soft film on eyelid.
  • The width and area where the film is to be applied, depends on the eyelid shape.
  • Cool air from hair dryer will speed up drying time.
  • When completely dry, a thin layer of film to fold the desired crease line is created.
  • Be careful not to create other creases on film once liquid has been applied, and gently apply pressure along the desired crease line only, with shaping stick. Slowly open eyes.
  • Perfect double eyelids are formed by creating a layer of thin skin over the eyelid with the film, and the desired crease line being folded in.
  • If the film applied is too thin, repeat the above steps 2-3 times.
  • Open eyes for beautiful natural looking double eyelids.
  • To reduce shine of film, gently pat the applied film with your fingertips, when completely dry.
  • When fixing a crease, do not force to peel or rub skin excessively.
  • Use a moist q-tip to soften the area and gently remove.


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