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blendercleanser® solid pro


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A jumbo-sized Blendercleanser® solid pro to clean Beautyblenders and makeup brushes.

This jumbo-sized Blendercleanser® solid pro is a revamped version of the bestselling Beautyblender® formula—now charcoal-infused for exceptional cleansing results. It effectively cleans all of your Beautyblenders and makeup brushes. Easily travel-friendly, its larger size makes cleansing multiple blenders at one time a snap. With hints of lavender, it includes a large silicone scrubbing pad to allow for deep cleansing of makeup brushes.



  • Lather up your Beautyblender® with the soap and then swirl it against the pad focusing on the areas that need it the most
  • When finished cleaning, use the new pad to set your Beautyblender® on to dry


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