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It’s the end of Christmas and guess what’s lurking near? Yes, you’re right. Chinese New Year! We know you’re going to look awesome for the Year of Rat but here are some things we think you’ll require to start the Lunar New Year with a bang!

1. Give your body the essential nutrients and more!

Natural Healthy Standard Smoothie

(Shop Mineral Enzyme Smoothie here)

Health is better than Wealth – Natural Healthy Standard definitely agrees to this! Without a good health, it would be difficult to enjoy the new year wouldn’t it? Keep your guts healthy and intake all the necessary nutrients your body need this new year with Natural Healthy Standard Mineral Enzyme Smoothie! Available in 4 delicious flavours with no artificial sweeteners added (Honey Lemon, Green Fruit, Berry Yoghurt, Mango), give your body what they need without compromising on the taste.

Bonus: this tasty smoothie also functions as a meal replacement if you’re looking to shed off a little weight for the upcoming Chinese New Year!

2.  Spring-cleaning essentials

One Shot The Ssen

(Shop One Shot Bundle Set here)

It’s officially less than a month to the Chinese New Year and you know what’s coming your way – the annual Spring-cleaning kicks in any moment from now. Other than tidying up your room, living room and throwing away all the unnecessary and possibly, ahem, some bad memories, have you thought about your kitchen? Think about all the moulds and stains that have gathered at your sink, tiles, gas range etc., it’s time to reveal their original selves with One Shot The Ssen Magic Foam Cleaner + Mould & Bleach Cleaner! These power duo from Korea are fast acting and 100% non-skin irritating! Remove harmful bacteria and deep-set stains & moulds to welcome the new year!

Mold & Bleach Before and After
Magic Foam Cleaner before and after

Bonus: One Shot bundle set is currently now on offer + free gifts & local courier with every bundle purchased. What are you waiting for!

3. Save yours and your guests’ sanity

Poo Pourri Lavender Vanilla

(Shop Poo~Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet Spray here and here)

Chinese New Year = endless upcoming gatherings at your friends’, relatives’ and yes, your own house too. All the feasting on pineapple tarts, bak kwa, love letter, dried shrimp roll etc are going to land yourself and your guest somewhere. You guess it right – the toilets. Imagine 3 guests bombing the toilets one after another, how is that going to smell? Unpleasant of course! Save yourself and your guests from this embarrassment with a bottle of Poo~Pourri! Beautifully packaged and made from natural (not synthetic) essential oils, Poo-Pourri works like magic, masking the odours that humans often leave in the toilet. Simply spritz it before bombing and you won’t even notice any unpleasant scent. Don’t take our word for it, try it!

Bonus: Poo~Pourri comes in 2 sizes – 1 as throne for your toilet and another for you to keep in your ang pao bag!

4. Say goodbye to unnecessary guests 

                                                                        (Shop Sayonara Danny 3D Mechanism sheet here)

New year, new you, new companion(s)? We are referring to those pesky bed bugs that may have already joined you at your bed before the new year has arrived! Did you know there are 100 million bed bugs/ticks/mites that sleep in your bed every single day? They are highly attracted to your sheets and dead skins! Fear not, Sayonara Danny got you covered. Place these 3D mechanism capture sheet that promise to lure and capture these annoying pests before they get to you! 

Bonus: This product comes with a sticker for you to label so that you know exactly when to change them out! It works best when changed every 2 months. 

5. Prevention is better than cure

Monstok Hangover Powder

(Shop Monstok Hangover Powder here)

Once again, gatherings will usually mean the presence of a particular beverage: alcohol. Where’s the fun without a little alcohol, right? Before you start the drinking games, we say let’s prevent that annoying hangover before it started. Simply pop in Monstok Hangover Powder 30 minutes before you drink and you can carry on with all the visitings with ease the next day. Why is it so effective? The presence of turmeric, chicory and milk thistle works effectively together to detoxify and strengthen your liver function.

Bonus: It’s lemon-flavoured so you do not have to worry about the taste! We promise it’s extremely tasted and 100% works (tried and tested!)

6. Don’t neglect your most hardworking appliance

one shot wash drum cleaner

(Shop One Shot Wash Drum Cleaner here)

A few appliances probably came across your mind but we are talking about your washing machine – the one that work diligently to make your dirty clothes clean again on a daily/weekly basis. Did you know that your washing machine can get dirty by fibres, detergent leftover, bacteria and mould? It’s time to wash your machine if you haven’t done so! How? Simply pop in a packet of One Shot Wash Drum Cleaner and run your washing machine as per usual. We suggest to use once every 2 months for effectively clean your washing drum.

The Shot Wash Drum information

Bonus: One Shot Wash Drum Cleaner is currently on 20% off with free gifts & courier! Limited time only!

Photo by Red Morley Hewitt on Unsplash
Photo by Amy Shamblen on Unsplash

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