This May, we are shining our spotlight on one of our latest up and coming brand - WODE! WODE has been receiving lots of love and support from our lovely customers during this CB & CCB period due to its unique properties, making it really different from other disinfectants out there! Keen to know more? Read on!

1) Eliminates 99.9999% of harmful bacteria, germs & viruses

Your eyes did not play a trick on you - yes it's 99.9999% (that's six 9s in total!) and dare we say this is the highest percentage kill found in all disinfectants in the market! Is this proven? Is this real? Of course! All of WODE's certifications are tested and proven by TUV Singapore! If we are going to be detailed, it's actually >99.9999% kill rate! How insane is that!

2) Non-toxic, water-based disinfectant with no harmful chemicals

All WODE disinfectants are formulated without the usage of alcohol - which is harmful to human body and also drying to the skin. We have already debunked the fact that it is not as effective as alcohol-based disinfectant (look at the 99.9999% kill rate!), hence this water-based disinfectant is perfect for your entire family! If you have kids below the age of 2, we will recommend our Mum & Baby range. Otherwise, the Hand & Body range will be perfect for everyone else, even pregnant mummies! Don't leave out your furry friends, we also have a Pets version that's catered specially for them! The disinfectant is produced through the process of controlled electrolysis which yields a high % of HOCI (hypochlorous acid) HOCI, similar to our body's immune system's "natural disinfectant" enhances the effectiveness of an external disinfectant. HOCI is actually produced by our white blood cells and occurs naturally in our immune system to kill bacteria and fight infection. Imagine that same thing now killing bacteria and virus outside our body - you can guess how effective that is! And because it can already be found inside our human body, it is absolutely harmless.

3) 100% safe - so safe that it's certified drinkable!

To ensure that WODE Disinfectant Spray is 100% safe - WODE actually sent their disinfectant to be tested and it's proven by local authorities that it's of mineral water quality, ie. this means that the spray is so safe that even if accidentally consumed, it's still safe for human body as well! However, please note that its application is not for drinking!

4) Eliminates Hand, Food and Mouth Disease (HFMD)

All parents would know how pesky HFMD can be! Fever, sore throat, blister-like lesions that will get your kids all cranky. Prevention is definitely better than cure; you will be delighted to know that our Mum & Baby Disinfectant Spray has also been certified and proven to eliminate airborne and surface Human enterovirus 71 - which is one of the more potent virus (as compared to Coxsackievirus A16) that will cause HFMD! Remember to spray it on toys, playmats, nurseries diligently to prevent the attack of HFMD virus! To eliminate the virus from the air, try our WODE Air Humidifer & Disinfectant! It helps to disinfect an enclosed area and adds moisture at the same time!

5) Use them anytime, anywhere!

All of Wode's disinfectant spray can be used on any surfaces! No rinsing is required. It's that simple. Don't forget the door knobs, your digital devices and even your toothbrush! You'll be surprised how much bacteria can reside in those areas.

If you're interested to test out this range of effective and amazing disinfectant, try them out now! For toddlers below the age of 2 + Eliminate airborne & surface HFMD: Mum & Baby  For adults and kids above the age of 2: Hand & Body For your furry friends: Pets  Disinfecting of rooms, vehicles etc: Air Humidifer & Disinfectant All range comes with a refill pack (except the Pets version) for that extra value! Simply visit here to browse the full range.

Credits: Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash