With Singapore currently in phase 2, easing restrictions to allow business and social interactions to resume – this could only mean one thing: It’s time to get ready to get back to work! With most of us working from home for the past 2 to 3 months, are you ready to head back to office now? Don’t let your guard down and be sure to grab a couple of essentials to be fully prepared for the days ahead while the virus continues to live among us.

1) Antibacterial Spray

Formulated with naturally-derived ingredients with 99.9% antibacterial effect, this made-in-korea antibacterial spray eradicates bacteria and germs within 30 seconds with a long-lasting effect. It’s also safe to be in contact with skin so sensitive skin gurls, not to worry! Prepare your work desk by disinfecting your screen, keyboard, mouse, basically everywhere to kickstart your working life in the office. Another great plus point: the soothing lavender scent (au naturale) will perk you up.
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2) Thermometer

Let’s do our part to take precautionary measures like temperature-taking and checks for respiratory symptoms to keep the chances of getting the virus low and to seek medical help immediately when your temperature is high. Using infrared thermometer may be the way to go now but did you know that infrared thermometer isn’t as accurate as taking your temperature orally? Grab a personal thermometer each for yourself and your family to ensure you are always receiving the most updated temperature and remember, no sharing is allowed!

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3) Multi-purpose Disinfectant

This multi-purpose disinfectant spray will be your best work desk buddy! Not only does it eliminates 99.9999% (yes that’s six 9s in total!) of harmful viruses, bacteria and germs on surfaces and in the air, you can also double it up as a hand sanitizer! It is produced through the process of controlled, electrolysis which yields a high % of HOCI. HOCI, similar to our immune system’s “natural disinfectant”, enhances the effectiveness of an external disinfectant. Formulated with no harmful chemicals and non-toxic ingredients, this alcohol-free disinfectant spray can be used at so many different places – think door knobs, digital devices, toilet bowls, steering wheel, toys, keyboards and so much more! It's also recognised as a topical antiseptics by Health Science Authority (HSA) hence you are also able to use it on open wounds such as cuts, acnes or even your ulcers! The possibility is endless.

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4) Portable Hand Sanitizer

Practising good personal hygiene will be the norm no matter which phase we are in, so do keep a handy hand sanitizer with you no matter where you go! Cleanse your hands with this made-in-korea hand sanitizer that contains 70% ethanol to eradicate bacteria, viruses and fungi effectively from your hands! Worry it may dry your hands out? They got it covered because it’s also formulated with 8 types of Hyaluronic Acid to moisturise your hands! This comes in a portable 50ml size that is convenient to slip into your bag.

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5) Wear your mask

With so many masks available in the market now, it’s important to pick the quality ones to stay protected! Opt for one that has maximum protection yet excellent breathability, as you are going to be required to wear them the entire day, even while in office!  The Lab Med 3ply surgical face mask has attained ATSM (ASTM International sets the preferred international standard in healthcare for best practices inclusive of testing and requirements for performance of materials) Level 3 which offers the maximum barrier protection for heavy levels of aerosols, spray and/or fluids. The Bacteria Filtration Efficiency and Particle Filtration Efficiency is also at >98% yet maintaining excellent breathability to ensure a comfortable wear throughout the day.

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6) Disinfect surrounding air

Under the same Wode family, the brand recently launched 2-in-1 product that works as both an air disinfectant as well as a humidifier! Your office desk or conference room will NEED this! Not only does it eliminate 99.9999% of harmful bacteria, viruses and germs from the air, it also helps to add moisture to the dry office environment. Double win! You can also opt to place the humidifier in your car or while taking Grab, in your living room when you have guests over etc; once again the possibility is endless!

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7) Handy Wet Wipes

To stay extra safe, even on the go, look to our Au Fairy Antibacterial Wet Wipes! These are flying off our site, for a good reason! It’s effective against Covid-19 (coronavirus) as it contains 0.1% of Benzalkonium Chloride, one of the active ingredients listed by NEA and you are getting a bang for your buck! We want to keep prices as low as possible and hence 4 packets of wipes are going for only less than $4! Definitely value for money and perfect to bring along during lunch breaks to stay extra safe.

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Credits: Photo by Saulo Mohana on Unsplash