#Stayhome to Save Lives! Let us all do our part together to beat COVID-19 Coronavirus. With lesser people out in the wind, we can expect lesser transmissions and soon things will go back to normal.  Whether you are assigned to WFH (work from home) or just playing your part to stay home for the entire month, we have got some things  you can look into to perk up your days at home.

Must-haves during this period:

1) 3-ply Face Mask

The SG government no longer discourage residents to wear mask due to the increased cases of untraceable local transmissions and have distributed a re-usable face mask for all households starting from last week (go collect everyone!) but a 3ply face mask is definitely still your best bet when you have to head out to do some groceries shopping. We have sourced high and low for a 3ply face mask that complies with industry standard (BFE >98%, PFE > 98%, VFE>98%) to protect yourself and your loved ones! Of course, we do not encourage you step out of house during this period but if you really need to pick up a couple of essentials, wear a face mask to protect yourself. Our previous 3-ply Headloop Face Mask was a big hit which saw our amazing customers wiping out our stocks within 2 weeks, hence you really shouldn't be missing out on this too. Quality assured, we promise!

(Shop 3-ply Face Mask here)

2) Thermometer

Even while you stay home or #WFH, remember to play your part to still take your temperature twice a day! Once you detect yourself having a fever, do head out to see a doctor immediately! It is our social responsibility to seek for medical help in times like this. You might be thinking: "Oh we have a infrared thermometer for the entire family." However, infrared thermometer doesn't show the best accuracy when it comes to taking human temperature; instead taking it orally is more accurate than ear or infrared. Remember, everyone should also have their own personal thermometer, no sharing is allowed!

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3) Disinfectant Spray

Now that we are home and not heading out, it doesn't mean we shouldn't be cleaning our house still! Keep your house ventilated by opening all windows and of course, clean all surfaces with an anti-bacterial disinfectant spray to ensure there are no lingering viruses or bacteria around the house! The Sense Fresh Disinfectant Spray from Korea is formulated with only naturally-derived ingredients - meaning it's safe for your entire family! With a natural soothing Lavender scent and the ability to disinfect against 99.9% of harmful bacteria and germs within seconds, this might just become your best friend for this month. Don't forget to disinfect your keyboards, mouse and screen! You'll be surprised at how "clean" they are.

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Pamper yourself:

Now that we have gone through the necessities during this COVID-19 period, let's not forget about pampering yourself! With the additional time at home, take this chance to work on a new goal, try out something new or just simply pampering yourself with things you never had the time to! Reset and recharge time!

1) Spa Time

Now that Spa is not an option, why not do it in the comfort of your home while boosting your health at the same time?

(Shop Aromaro Eco Spa Shower Filter here)

Aromaro Eco Spa Vitamin C shower filter keeps the skin healthy by filtering invisible substances such as residual chlorine and rust stain in the tap water. Using the sediment filter certified by NSF rather than a thin paper filter, it removes rust stain and foreign substances in the tap water. The addition of Vitamin C, Rose Hip Seed Oil, Silk Protein and Aroma Oil will keep your skin and hair moisturised while protecting it from external harmful environment factors. By filtering out the nasty stuff from your water, you can stop the harmful effects of chlorine: cell damage, increased risk of cancer and more! With 6 comforting aroma to choose from, you'll be spoilt for choices!

2)  Improve your gut health

Another health booster we recommend is a delicious smoothie that you can prepare easily at home to improve your gut health!

(Shop Natural Healthy Standards Enzyme Smoothie here)

With 12 types of Vitamins, 6 types of minerals and dietary fibres, you are looking at fulfiling your daily nutrients requirement with just 1 cup of this amazing Mineral Enzyme Smoothie! For those who are looking to shed some extra weight while staying healthy during this #WFH period, this also functions as meal replacement!  Immunity is the key to fighting off all type of virus and germs, so do continue to stay healthy and active. Don't forget to clock in some home or outdoor workout for a well-balanced lifestyle.

3) Mask On

Nope, not the kind of mask you are thinking of during this period. It's the facial sheet mask that all beauty gurus love to pamper themselves once a week. If you have been neglecting skincare due to busy work schedule, there's no better time to continue with your skincare regime right now. Do a mask once a week and you will see a difference!

(Shop Forever Skin Premium Salmon Mask here)

You must be thinking: Salmon Mask??? Meet this upgraded line of sheet mask from the land of beauty - Korea! With 1% of Highly Polymerized Deoxy-Ribonucelic Acid (HPDR), this active ingredient from Salmon DNA extract promise to strengthen skin barrier and protect skin from ageing, UV rays and external irritation. The addition of Hope Complex and Aloe Vera will also hydrate skin and improve skin elasticity. This face mask kept our skin supple and really hydrated! Try it out for yourself. Oh and just a note, this brand is also endorsed by Korean Celebrities like SNSD Tiffany, SNSD Sooyoung, HAHA and more! If you want celebrity-like skin....you know what to do.

4) Smooth Baby Skin

Oh yes, we are not just talking about the skin on your face, we are also talking about your body! Are you guilty of not exfoliating your body? In fact, you should be exfoliating your body minimally 2-3 times a week to slog off those dead skin cells and dirt that would otherwise clog your pores to keep skin looking smooth and bright.

(Shop Maputi Organic Cushion Scrub here)

This fluffy cushion scrub from Japan is so gentle that it can used on both your face and body! The key ingredients are Shea Butter, Dead Sea Salt, Titanium Oxide and Yuzu Fruit extracts to brighten skin while moisturising it. The results are astonishing right from the start and it's raved by many online. Not convinced? Take a look at this before and after pictures!

5) Fresh & Clean Toilets

On the same topic of keeping your house spick and span, please do  not forget about your toilets! With your family members staying home with your 24/7, the toilet usage should have rocketed to an all time high. The last you want is definitely an unpleasant toilet, especially when after one drop a huge bomb.

(Shop Poo~Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet Spray here)

This gem is no stranger to our customers here. By simply spraying into the toilet bowl before dropping an atomic bomb, it will help musk any unpleasant odours. You won't even know it happened! Keeping the toilet fresh is essential to this one month of staying home, we strongly believe.

Credits: Photo by Mikayla Mallek on Unsplash Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels