The spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) around the world has sparked fear among many. The uncertainty of the disease is worrying but there are a couple of things we are able to do to safeguard ourselves and our family/friends against outbreak! We have sourced high and low for these highly sought after products so be sure not to miss them out!

1. Keep your Hands Clean

Personal hygience is of upmost importance during this critical period. Refrain from touching your face with your hands, as our hands are one of the main transporter of the virus! Without a transporter, the virus will not be able to move from one place to another hence we should always keep our hands clean and germs free. If water and soap isn't an available option for you, keep a hand sanitizer handy near you so you can clean them whenever you need to! Not all hand sanitizers are equal, pick those with minimally 60% alcohol content as a good alternative to washing your hands. We have specially brought in 2 types of Hand Sanitizers to cater to different group of users.

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If you are into all things au naturel, Perfect Potion is the brand for you! Perfect Potion’s certified natural skincare preparations use certified organic essential oils and plant extracts that offer a gentle and holistic approach towards all their products, including this amazing hand sanitizers! This no-rinse hand sanitiser contains powerful pure essential oils of tea tree, lemon and lavender in a natural plant 60% ethanol base.⁠ You can be assured of a germ-free hands coupled with an aromatherapy experience if you cart this gem out!

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This potent hand sanitizer from Korea contains 70% ethanol to eradicate bacteria, viruses and fungi effectively from your hands! Worry it may dry your hands out? They got it covered because it's also formulated with 8 types of Hyaluronic Acid to moisturise your hands! This comes in a portable 50ml size that is convenient to slip into your bag.

2. Disinfect all surfaces

Other than your hands, be sure to keep your home and workplace clean and germs free too! We recommend disinfecting your home weekly and your office table (keyboard & mouse are more dirty than you think!) once every 2 days to ensure you stay pink of health to help fight against COVID-19 and any other germs and viruses!

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A local (Singapore) product, Wode Hand & Body Disinfectant Spray is produced through the process of controlled, electrolysis which yields a high % of HOCI. HOCI, similar to our immune system’s “natural disinfectant”, enhances the effectiveness of an external disinfectant. Not only does it kills 99.9999% (yes not just 99.99%) of harmful bacteria, germs and viruses in a matter of seconds, it is absolutely safe for anyone! When we mean safe, we mean it's even safe for consumption! It's child-friendly, effective against harmful substances and even eliminates odours; it's proving to be difficult to nit pick on this product! If you are all about supporting local, here's one product you should be supporting now!

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To stay extra safe, even on the go, look to our Au Fairy Antibacterial Wet Wipes! These are flying off our warehouse, for a good reason! It's effective against Covid-19 (coronavirus) as it contains 0.1% of Benzalkonium Chloride, one of the active ingredients listed by NEA and you are getting a bang for your buck! We want to keep prices as low as possible and hence 4 packets of wipes are going for just $3!!! Say whut. Choose from a variety of scent and can we talk about the cute packaging? *proceeds to cart them out*

3.  Mask on

Don't wear a mask unless you are sick! In case you are looking for an extra protection (by not hoarding), we have sourced high and low for the mask that fits all criteria (yes we are talking about the 3ply, BFE, VFE & PFE) to keep you and your loved ones safe during this period.

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It is lightweight with excellent breath ability and adaptable nose bar for that extra comfort and of course, to conform to every face shape perfectly. We only managed to bring in limited stocks due to limited supplies in the market right now so grab them while you can. No matter which part of the world you live in, we'll deliver them to you (as long as your country is currently not on lockdown). Stay safe everyone, we'll get through this together as long as everyone plays their part.